Locating the ideal office space

Locating the ideal office space

It is not an easy task to select a proper workplace as it involves a lot of parameters that have to be taken into consideration. It’s not just the price that matters when it comes to finding the perfect office space. The location, risks and returns are some of the factors to keep in mind during your hunt. If you’re looking for a prospective office space for sale in Mohali, there are certain things you should know.

What is a commercial project?

Any place that is used for generating profits is referred to as a commercial project. It houses buildings such as retail stores, workspaces, cinemas, restaurants, etc. It helps keep a stable flow of income.

One of the best commercial properties in Mohali is HLP Galleria, built by the HLP Group. They have a reputation for delivering quality projects and on time. At HLP Galleria, entertainment and business spaces have been blended so as to get maximum results under one roof.

Where to buy?

The location is the first and foremost step one has to consider before all else. It can be decided only when you know the type of business you want to do, availability, budget, etc. Mohali is the best place for office premises as it’s optimally located. HLP Galleria, which currently stands as the best-suited location, has big size office space for sale in Mohali.

Does it have RERA approval?

The Real Estate Regulation and Development Act (RERA), 2016, aims to protect the interest of buyers and boost investments as well. It is mandatory for any project with more than 500 square feet area to have RERA approval. RERA seeks to provide transparency, accountability, and easier transactions between the seller and buyer. Look for a RERA approval stamp for every possible workspace you’re looking at.

The salient points

● Size

How much space do you require for your business operations? It should not exceed your budget. The office space should be able to accommodate all your team members which is why spacious workspaces are a must-have. Space not only gives ample room but also enhances the ambience of the place and boosts the morale of your employees.

● Documents

After you’ve shortlisted the commercial space, make sure its documents are in order. Hire a lawyer preferably as they’ll have better insight regarding the whole process. Read every document carefully before you sign and finalize anything.

● Cost

Finding the right property at the best location comes at a price. This is why you must check the rates of similar properties, negotiate the right price, and only then close the deal. Nobody should spend more than what the property is worth.

Every business needs a site that can house the whole team and finding the appropriate one is a big responsibility because it’ll also be the place where you’ll spend most of your day. The office space is a place that creates a certain image of your brand in the eyes of the public, so make sure you get the best one.

Constructed at the best location, HLP Galleria is a project that has premium office spaces for small & big segments in Mohali. Visit https://www.hlpgalleria.com/ and invest in the commercial marvel today.