Reimagining future offices

Reimagining future offices

The traditional office is changing. As the wave of COVID-19 changed the dynamics of work and workplace altogether, it has become necessary to have innovative and approachable office spaces. The transition to the home office in 2020 has shown that flexible and premium office spaces are ideal for work-life equilibrium. Research shows that more than half of the workers had never worked from home. With the transition, the results were productive which in turn put pressure on the employers to build an adaptable office space where employees can work in a comfortable, healthy environment.

Impacted heavily by COVID-19, offices around the world are reinventing themselves. With remote working taking the front seat, hybrid office spaces are emerging that aim to give productive experience.

To build an office space that can help maintain a safe social distance, it is important to know what you are investing in after the world shifts into a post-pandemic reality. HLP Galleria, premium office space for sale in Mohali, provides premium office spaces that not only benefit the employer but also the employee. Some of the successful traits that define the office spaces at HLP Galleria are:


Effective collaboration and communication are vital in any organization. This is why the workplace should be such that it accommodates all methods, such as video conferences, one-on-one calls, broadcast messaging etc. There must be tools available in the office for the employees to choose the best line of communication and collaboration. All tools should also be capable of providing a high-quality experience for all in-office and remote employees.


Every employee should feel included in every meeting, conversation, daily function etc. No matter where they come from or what language they speak, the workplace should be an inclusive space for everyone to feel seen and heard. The employees should be empowered and encouraged to achieve their goals and support one another in any way they can.


The most important aspect of a hybrid workplace, especially after the pandemic is  safety and wellbeing. Proper sanitization and social distance are a must-have today if you want to keep your employees safe and healthy. Touchless technology is being adopted by companies to limit contact. Such practices along with ensuring that there is maximum efficiency and productivity in the work are what makes hybrid office spaces a non-pareil.

Many new, flexible, modern offices are being built and occupied by multinational companies as they slowly adapt themselves to the changing world. One such office space for sale in Mohali that caters to everyone’s needs is HLP Galleria. Their modern workspaces are designed in a way that emphasizes flexibility and safety.

HLP Galleria provides a total of 6.69 acres of land with additional exciting features such as ample parking space, a hypermarket, a food court, breweries, easily accessible cash dispensers, an entertainment zone and independent showrooms. A modern outlook providing the best model for future offices with more security, safety and easy access. Moreover, it is located in Mohali  a city that is surrounded by nature and is easily accessible.

Developed by the renowned HLP Group, this project has the ideal future offices that bring the right balance between working in an office and working remotely. Whether you’re a big business or a small one HLP Galleria will cater to all your needs in the best way for you to carry daily tasks, smoothly and efficiently.