Vastu shastra tips every investor should know

Vastu shastra tips every investor should know

Vastushastra means the science of architecture. It refers to the Indian system of architecture which talks about principles pertaining to design, layout, ground and space arrangement, etc. It incorporates both Hindu and Buddhist beliefs in its texts. Vastushastra helps shun negativity, bring harmony and contributes tosuccess in any business.

If you’re thinking of investing in a commercial property, visit the best commercial property for sale in Mohali—HLP Galleria. But before that familiarise yourself with key principles of Vastushastra to get maximum benefits out of your investment. Things like how the interior should be coloured to reflect light and positivity; how dark colours hinder growth in a business, etc., play an important role in the success of your business.


1. For optimum stability in your business, choose a property that is located in the southwest or northeast direction.
2. There should be no high-rise buildings or temples in the area where you’re looking for commercial property as it leads to loss of wealth. In case there is no alternative, make sure its shadow does not fall in your area.
3. The roof of the building should be sloping from southwest to northeast as it attracts wealth and peace.
4. The property should either be rectangular or square-shaped as it brings good luck to its occupants. According to Vastushastra, never buy an irregular-shaped property as it is considered inauspicious.
5. Big trees should be planted on the south and west regions of the property for positive vibes whereas small plants or lawn should be on the north or east side for plentiful opportunities.
6. The main entrance should be either in the east to ensure you get meaningful opportunities, or in the north or northeast for more wealth, stability, and prosperity.


1. The head of the business or the owner of the property should have their office in the southwest corner as it’ll help in making better business decisions.
2. The office entrance should never face the descending stairs of the building if you want to avoid accidents, loss of wealth, etc.
3. Never have large doors as they depict wealth leaving the business. Never have too small doors either as they prevent the smooth flow of money into the business.
4. The four corners of the rooms should meet at 90 degrees for progress.
5. The windows should be opposite the doors as that will balance the positive and negative cycles in the air.
6. Have all the open spaces towards the northeast direction for prosperity and health. Always avoid the southwest as it can have an adverse effect on the finances.
7. It is also auspicious to have a dedicated spiritual area or a shrine in the office, preferably in the northeast. This helps keep a positive ambience and give out all the right energies.


1. Light colours like white, cream, yellow signify purity, innocence and optimism, respectively, and should be used in the southeast, east, northeast, and northwest sides.
2. To keep the aura cheerful, use blue, white, and grey. Blue should be in the south as it is governed by Saturn.
3. Use green in the southwest as it’ll bring luck to your business.

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